Question of the month: What children’s products are FSA eligible?

Dear Gina – I’m a sleep-deprived parent with a very active toddler.  I’m up to my elbows in dirty diapers, A & D Ointment for diaper rash and Amoxicillin for ear infections – you name it.  I’m too tired, busy and stressed to research if any of these are eligible expenses for reimbursement from my Flexible Spending Account.

Answer: Unfortunately, diapers are not an eligible expense for children (they are, however, for adults with an incontinence medical condition).  But there is a long list of “yes.” A & D Ointment for diaper rash, yes.  Amoxicillin, yes.  Over-the-counter medication for colds, allergies, diarrhea, first aid creams, Bactine, Band-Aids, Neosporin, insect bite creams, sunburn cream, laxatives, all yes. Dentist recommended fluoride treatments, yes.  Immunizations, yes. Medical alert bracelet, yes.  I hope I saved you some time. Hang in there!

– Gina



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