June Question of the Month: Can I get FSA reimbursement for concierge fees?


Hi Gina – I’ve noticed a growing amount of “membership clients” at healthcare offices. Are the membership fees for health care a covered reimbursement by my FSA plan?  For example, my current doctor is still accepting my health care insurance, but I have to start paying a monthly membership fee of $15 to be seen by my doctor’s clinic. Would this fee be covered by my FSA plan?” – Shelley C, FSA Participant, Bainbridge Island, WA


As this practice is becoming more and more popular, I’m being asked this question more and more.  Unfortunately, the answer is no. These concierge-type fees are considered insurance premiums and therefore are not reimbursable through the Health FSA because insurance premiums are not classified as eligible expenses.

For a list of eligible FSA expenses, please visit our website.

Thanks for asking!

– Gina

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